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aboutFLEET is the only Swiss trade magazine with focus on cars used for business purposes. In this strongly growing market aboutFLEET considers itself an independent platform and reports in a subject-specific manner around the topic fleet and company vehicles. The practice-oriented articles help fleet managers operate their fleet more efficiently, more safely and more sustainably. Emphasis lies on topics like financing (purchase/leasing/rental), outsourcing, environment protection, car policy, risk and claims management, remarketing, fuel and tire management as well as telematics and software.        

Fleet Magazine is the leading publishing brand about fleet management and automotive market in Portugal. With a quarterly magazine, website, digital newsletter and the biggest event in the country, it provides information about fleet market trends and operacional issues as well. See it all at



Fleet People is the leading magazine in Spain focused in business car companies, fleets and car rental. With 150 pages printed in premium paper, Fleet People is free delivered each two months to several thousands companies and hundreds of fleet managers as well as the leading board of aprox. 8.000 biggest corporations and SME's. It´s web is the main and most recognised provider of fleet car information in Spain