Fleet Europe Awards for Fleet Managers

The Fleet Europe Awards represent the highest opportunity for international fleet managers to get the recognition they deserve for bringing new solutions and management improvement to the market and to their company.

This year, we have 5 different Fleet Europe Award’s categories for fleet managers:


  • European Fleet Manager of the Year 2018

The European Fleet Manager of the Year Award rewards the person or the team responsible for vehicle fleet management on an European level, having developed and implemented a European fleet management strategy leading to an optimised Total Cost of Ownership for its vehicle fleet and showing enhanced efficiency in line with the overall corporate strategy.
This Award category looks at the overall vehicle fleet management strategy and fleet efficiency approach, which means that, besides the aforementioned elements, all relevant topics driving vehicle fleet management today will also be taken into account, such as the balance between centralised and decentralised decision taking, Green & Sustainability, Safety and Driver Behaviour, Driver Satisfaction, Supply Management, Cost Transparency and Control and Alternative Mobility, in light of how they contribute to the overall strategy.

  • International Fleet Safety Award 2018

 The International Fleet Safety Award is presented to a company that has successfully implemented a driver safety programme, within the framework of the CSR strategy and with a focus on driver behaviour. This Awards rewards a project or programme that improves the safety and limits incidents and accidents related to the vehicle fleet, whilst taking into account cost optimisation.

  • International Fleet Innovation Award 2018

The International Fleet Innovation Award will be given to a project that stands out in the field of fleet management innovation. Innovation in a specific field of fleet management (car policy, implementation, international organization, use of tools, green approach, safety approach, mobility approach, driver satisfaction…).

A project can be rewarded if the majority of the 2018 jury finds the innovative approach unique enough and helpful for fleet management optimisation on a wider scale. This Award shall be given at the discretion of the jury, meaning that, if the jury finds no project meets the aforementioned criteria, no International Fleet Innovation Award shall be granted.



  • Global Fleet Manager of the Year 2018

For the second time, the Global Fleet Manager of the Year Award will be given to a fleet manager with global responsibilities. The person or the team, managing a fleet at global level in at least 2 continents across the globe and having most successfully developed a global fleet approach, will be rewarded with a dedicated “Global Fleet Manager of the Year” Award, presented by our sister platform Global Fleet.



  • International Fleet Mobility Award

The International Fleet Mobility Award is presented to a company that has successfully implemented a green project and/or initiative in efficient alternative mobility. The green and/or alternative mobility project combines eco-friendliness with employee productivity, customer satisfaction and cost optimisation.