Simon Dransfield

Jaguar Land Rover

General Manager, Fleet & Business Europe

Simon is a well-known and respected industry professional with long and diverse experience in the Global fleet and business sector. Following completion of his degree, Simon’s automotive career began at Volvo Cars UK in 1988 where he went on to hold a wide range of roles working in the finance and fleet segments. In 1995, he joined Volvo Car Corporation in Gothenburg to create & lead their International Major Account business.

Prior to joining Jaguar Land Rover, Simon was involved in a range of entrepreneurial businesses, which included providing fleet expertise to a number of European OEMs.

Over the last 7 years, Simon has developed a highly capable and motivated team, innovative mobility services and a strong customer focus that has delivered unprecedented sales growth placing Jaguar & Land Rover firmly on the fleet map.

Simon is married with 3 children and enjoys many sports, particularly golf when time allows!

Franco Marianeschi


European Corporate Sales Manager

Born in Buenos Aires in 1973, Franco started out in the European fleet business at the Mercedes-Benz Passenger Car Sales Branch in Frankfurt in 2000, Franco soon rose to hold a variety of executive roles at Daimler AG’s International Fleet Sales department, including:

  • International Key Account Manager for Daimler Fleet Management
  • International Corporate Sales Manager for Mercedes-Benz Cars

In 2007, he joined Fiat, first at its Italian HQ, then back in Germany:

  • International Key Account Manager (Corporate Sales) for Fiat Group Automobiles in Turin
  • International Area Sales Manager in Turin
  • Director Fleet, RaC and Used Cars for Fiat Group Automobiles Germany AG in Frankfurt (from 2009 to 2013).

In April 2013, Franco joined the team at Maserati, as European Corporate Sales Manager, the position he still holds today.

John Wallace


Director of Fleet Operations and Global Major Accounts (EMEA)

As the public face of the International Fleet Department at Volvo Cars, John is familiar to many in the fleet, leasing, rent-a-car and data-provider community.

  • John entered the operational leasing and fleet management sector in 1988, joining Ford Credit in 1993 to pilot an all-makes leasing approach.
  • In 1997 he moved to Volvo Car UK to set up a leasing and rental team, eventually heading the overall fleet department.
  • In 2010, he moved to the international level, setting up a new development team at Volvo Car Corporation, also contributing to new product launch teams.
  • John’s current title is Director of Fleet Operations and Global Major Accounts (EMEA) at Volvo Car Corporation. As the head of the global major accounts team, he oversees a record number of multinational customers, a host of recent innovations, and growing recognition for Volvo’s environmental credentials.