27 November 2018: Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum

“Anticipating the rapid transformation of vehicle remarketing”

Vehicle remarketers and fleet management experts wanting to stay ahead of the curve in their fast-moving, Europe-wide industry can't afford to miss the annual Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum on 27 November in Barcelona.

For its 5th edition, the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum will deep-dive into the trends transforming the industry. These include:

Diesel, petrol and alternative powertrains

Facts, data and OEM insights on the move away from diesel, and its impact on Residual Values; on the persistence of petrol; and on the rise of EVs and other alternatives.


The new emissions testing regime is about to transform the residual values of individual car models, as well as various remarketing processes as such. Make sure you are prepared.

Optimising online used car sales

Online has fast become the standard for used car sales. In a continuously evolving digital environment, the scope for optimisation remains huge.

B2C and other new business models

Challenges and opportunities of adjusting from a B2B to a B2C sales channel. Impact of private lease, subscription and other new business models – especially with regard to online remarketing.

Digitisation and transformation

Digitisation is profoundly impacting cross-border trade, e-commerce and the growth of new business models. How will this change the trade, and the role of the trader?

Mileage fraud

Steps are being taken to combat vehicle mileage fraud on a European level. Are you ready to monetise the trust that this will generate?