ALD Automotive is a leading international provider of full service vehicle leasing and of fleet management for corporate and, more recently for private customers.

ALD Automotive aims to provide the same high quality service to all of its clients covering a fleet of 1.4 million vehicles worldwide, with offerings tailored to each local market and is regularly recognized by industry awards.

With a direct presence in 43 countries, ALD Automotive is ranked #3 worldwide and #1 in Europe.

Through its international network of commercial alliances, ALD Automotive provides its clients with ac­cess to 12 additional countries and develops international cross-border business opportunities.  

The offering of mobility solutions is growing rapidly with the emergence of new players, new solutions and break­through technologies. ALD Auto­motive is positioning itself at the centre of this chan­ging environment by proposing flexible solutions to meet the evolving mobility requirements of its customers.

More info : http://www.aldautomotive.com

ARC Europe Group is the largest supplier of roadside assistance services in Europe with an outstanding network in more than 40 European countries. The Group institutionally consists of ARC Europe SA and its subsidiaries: ARC Europe France, ARC Europe Hellas-Greece, Starter24-Poland, RAMK-Russia and ARC Europe Group Insurance Brokerage.

Our network acts as one group for operations, powered by the best-in class automobile clubs and assistance partners. ARC Europe Group is dedicated to its partners in providing top quality services in the B2B mobility industry.

ARC Europe Group makes a stand to innovate our services amidst the changing industry. ARC Europe Group outlined its new diversification strategy, where the offering of roadside assistance services will evolve into a multi offer of products and services, opening new distribution channels and expanding local and regional coverage into Global presence and enhancing the capacity of the company into a fully operational centre.

More info : https://arceuropegroup.com/

Pleased to meet you! We are Athlon.

Athlon is an international provider of operational vehicle leasing and mobility solutions. We are active in more than 20 countries, via our own Athlon branches or via strategic partnerships.

What drives us? Your mobility!

Athlon supplies more than just lease vehicles. We are there for you and everyone else who needs a modern mobility solution. No matter what the size of your vehicle fleet may be. Irrespective of the size of your organization. Because Athlon puts your mobility first. Whether you want to travel by car, by train or make your way to the office by bike. Athlon offers it all. 

More info : http://www.athlon.com

As SIXT Group we offer mobility from 1 minute to several years:

DriveNow, myDriver, Sixt Limousine, Sixt rent-a-car, Sixt unlimited, Sixt Mobility Consulting and Sixt Leasing.

We are a non-bank owned, non-captive, stock listed company. Our market expertise in Leasing and Longterm Rental covers 118 countries through our partner network of local heroes. We will consult you to find the best vehicle mix in your fleet as with Sixt Leasing there is no exclusion of any brand.

Unlike our competitors in the market we do not believe in a “one solution fits all” approach but in

customized service above a high level of standardization.

We live flat hierarchies and love dynamics. We offer innovative and tailor-made ready-to-use IT solutions, ranging from solutions to increase driver care to solutions for big fleets supporting strategic measurements.

Reduce your complexity and get served by only 1 provider with 1st class full service products.

More info : https://www.sixt-leasing.com/

Toyota Motor Europe NV/SA (TME) oversees the sales and marketing of Toyota and Lexus vehicles, parts, accessories, manufacturing and engineering operations in Europe.

Toyota in Europe is supported by a network of 30 National Marketing and Sales Companies across 56 countries; around 3,000 sales outlets and 9 manufacturing plants.  

To accommodate the specific needs of our business customers we developed BusinessPlus. With BusinessPlus you choose a partner for your fleet that never gives up and is always improving. Our appetite to improve, innovate and explore is guaranteed to satisfy both driving aspirations and practical business needs. With fuel-efficient vehicles, excellent green credentials, plus valuable tax and operating cost savings, BusinessPlus supports you in a Better way to do Business.

For more information, visit www.toyota-europe.com and www.toyotabusinessplus.com

More info : http://www.toyota.eu